How does Rock Chorus Kids work?

Introducing Rock Chorus Kids, a dynamic after-school experience founded by India Foskett, designed exclusively for children aged 6-18 years old. Our age-appropriate classes provide an exceptional platform for young performers to delve into the world of commercial music across various styles, be it in groups, duets, or solos.
Is your child destined to be a future pop star? Do they have an insatiable love for pop music and a desire to perform alongside their friends or make new ones? At Rock Chorus Kids, we explore an exciting range of genres, including pop, rock, R&B, soul, and reggae, through singing covers, mashups, and learning invaluable techniques to become confident, fabulous singers and performers.
Our talented group will have the opportunity to grace large theatres as soloists or in collaboration with our sister choir, Rock Chorus. Additionally, we actively participate in local community events and charity events, providing kids with every opportunity to become the stars they dream of being!
Sadly, many schools have recently removed performance education from their curriculum due to funding constraints. However, we firmly believe that educational institutions should still recognise the fundamental importance of performance education in a child's development. This belief is the driving force behind the creation of Rock Chorus Kids.
By learning to play music, children enhance their motor skills, while singing songs helps them develop focus, attentive listening, and the ability to replicate what they hear. Just like reading to children, singing songs also boosts their vocabulary and language skills, nurturing their growth in a fun and engaging manner.
Moreover, music serves as a remarkable catalyst for strengthening children's social skills. After enduring the challenges of being confined indoors for the past few years, limiting their opportunities for mental growth alongside peers, immersing them in a musical environment provides the ideal setting to foster social interaction. Through our performance-oriented approach, we cultivate teamwork, social collaboration, and encourage meaningful engagement with those around them.
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